Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology takes lead in any kind of technical events that help in enhancing the skills of the students. With this inspiration, VVIT GUNTUR ISSA student chapter has conducted a computing curriculum to the local school and is proud to support “Day of code” which is a part of ISSA.

“Day of code” is a movement conducted by VVIT ISSA Student Chapter, where we the officers go to the school and spread the awareness of the recent and upcoming technologies.

VVIT Guntur ISSA student chapter as a local student chapter went to a school as part of spreading awareness.

  1. BHARATHIYA VIDHYA BHAVAN, Collector office road, GUNTURpicture1

   The picture representing the school entrance


The main objective of the VVIT Guntur ISSA student chapter for the event “Day of code” is to introduce the fun of coding to the school children. The VVIT Guntur ISSA student officers approached the principal of the above-mentioned school to get their consent for conducting “Day of Code” event in their school. They appreciated the effort of the VVIT Guntur ISSA student chapters and supported them.

12 members of VVIT Guntur ACM student chapter took part in the event.  All the student chapter members divided among themselves into three teams, of minimum of three members each. The team formation is as follows:

Team-1 8th,9th class

Team-2 7th class

Team-3 6th class

Feedback & Photos

T.Devendar Reddy


S.Hima Preethi


N. Sai Kumar

Md.Pardaz Banu

P.Naga SaiTeja

Sk.Afreen Begum







The VVIT Guntur ISSA Student chapter members take another step forward to conduct the event “Day of Code” at  BHARATHIYA VIDHYA BHAVAN school which is located in the city Guntur. The chapter members and officers gathered at the school for morning session by 9:00 am and made the required arrangements to start the event “Day of Code” by 9:30 am. The students of BHARATHIYA VIDHYA BHAVAN School gathered for the event by and the members of the student chapter took their charge in explaining the tools for the standards 6-8

Date: 20th February ,2018              Time: 9:30 AM School: Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan 










 Computer Lab

   Start with the topic “CYBER SECURITY “ and continued the section with the         HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT




  Individual Classrooms

Start with the intro to algorithms and continued the sessions with the flowchart and later on ,dealt with basics of python.






Start with the intro to hardware components and continued with the internet surfing session.


The roles of chapter members involved in the event “Day of code” as follows:

  • The president and vice president of VVIT Guntur ISSA student chapter D.Rajini and S.Hima Preethi respectively addressed the gathering about the event “Day of code”.
  • Remaining officers continued with their schedule of the day.
  • 3 officers went to 8th and 9th standards and delivered the lecture on the topics “CYBER SECURITY ” for half a session, and the remaining part of the session is dealt with “HTML , CSS, and JAVASCRIPT”.
  • Picture2      The picture representing the Student Officers explaining the  respected topics to the students of 8th class and 9th class 
  • Another 3 of the officers went to 7th standard and delivered lecture on the topics of “ALGORITHMS, FLOWCHARTS ”  for half of the morning session and the remaining part of the session is dealt with the “BASICS OF THE PYTHON ” where the concepts like history of python,variables,operators, data types, syntax & indentation and how to write a python program both hands on and theory.Picture3

    The picture representing the Student Officers explaining the respected topics to the students of  7th class.

  • The remaining 4 officers went to 6th standard and delivered the lecture on the topics “COMPUTER COMPONENTS ” and about “INTERNET SURFING ” where the hardware components of the CPU are shown practically to the students. And on the internet surfing, they have been explained with google, facebook companies.picture6Picture4

    • Pictures representing the Student Officers explaining the respected topics to the students of 6th class.


  • Based on the strength of the 6,7,8  standards, remaining chapter members were divided into a pair of two and spreaded to their respective prescribed classrooms for demonstrating the lectures based on their schedule for the day.

    The division of the chapter members was mentioned below:

    1. Devendar, N.Sai Kumar and S.Rahithi (8th )
    2. R.L.Kamalini, Md.Pardaz Banu and K.Venkatesh (7th A &B)
    3. Rajini Priya & G.KoushikManikanta(6th A), S.Mary Hima Preethi & Teja (6th B)
    4. Afreen and K.Lalith (Reviews and photos)  

                    As per the roles assigned to the chapter members, took lectures with the students regarding the particular subjects taken and interacted with them during the session. After the interaction done by the chapter members, The students were called in random to complete given tasks

  •  In the end, the officers of VVIT Guntur ISSA student chapter interacted with the students at Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan school to get the feedback about the event. The chapter members of VVIT Guntur ISSA took the hardcopy of feedbacks regarding the event from the students who involved in the event.

  • The officers of VVIT Guntur ISSA student chapter thanked the principal for their support and got the feedback about the “Day of Code” conducted in their school.picture5The picture representing the ISSA Student Officers with the principal of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan(at center in civil)  and Computer faculty in the school (at right).