Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology (VVIT), under ISSA Student Chapter, had organized a 2-day workshop on “Web Application Security” during 6- 7th March 2019. The workshop has covered 90 hand-on with live demos by Mr Neel, Sr. Cyber Security Analyst / IT Security Consultant (Cyber Forensic Expert and Cyber Crime Investigator) based on Bangalore. Mr Neel is known with his virtual name Mr.oOpPsS (OSCP, OSWP, and OSCE).

The inauguration of the workshop has been held in the morning session of 6th March 2019, which is attended by all the ISSA student members. In the inauguration address, Mr.oOpPsS has given an overall insight on all the frontiers of cybersecurity to the audience.

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Ms.Rajani Priya Dande, the President of ISSA student chapter is introducing the Resource Person to the audience.

          In his talk, Mr.oOpPsS has given a brief note on the CYBER WORLD, CYBER CRIMES and CYBERSECURITY. He made the talk very interesting by giving demonstrations on hacking dummy WhatsApp and Facebook accounts. And also hinted how the hackers hack PayTM, Amazon online shopping website, various banking websites and ATM transactions. The talk ended with the suggestions made by Mr.oOpPsS for ensuring secured transaction on websites.

         After the inauguration session, selected students are made to assemble at Lab 6, New Block for a hands-on workshop. The afternoon session started with the explanation of basic principles of information security and penetration testing, the qualities required by a pen tester.

The day-2 of the workshop has started with the explanation of BUG BOUNTY hunting and continued with the techniques to identify bugs and the ways of reporting the bugs to the companies. Mr.oOpPsS had shown some real-life bug bounties that he had found and shared the rewards given by the companies such as Rolex, Paytm, Gmail …etc. for finding and reporting those bugs.


                                        From the slides of the workshop

           The workshop participants have been explained the usage of the tools Burpsuite, NetSparker, JSKY, Acunetix and Vega subgraph in the environment “Linux – kali”.

          Mr.oOpPsS has created awareness of the certifications available in the field of information security to the students. He has also specified that various government departments like Ministry of Defence, Ministry of IT, DRDO and Cyber cells of Bengaluru, Kerala and Delhi are providing internships in the field of information security at free of cost during summer.  In the non-government sector, Intel, Dell, PayTM are some of the companies providing internships.

         At the end of the workshop, the principal of VVIT Dr.Y.Malikarjuna Reddy, along with the HOD’s of CSE & IT Dr.Eswariah and Dr.A.kalavathi felicitated guest.